Our Mission

SCPC is a network of tenants, developers and community representatives that work together to prevent alcohol and drug problems from taking root in affordable housing developments in the Vernon and Central Avenue Corridor of South Central Los Angeles.


The South Central Prevention Coalition (SCPC) began as a project of the Community Coalition of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment. The project was initialized to combat the prevailing alcohol and other drug abuse problems that were present in several low-to-moderate income housing developments in South Central Los Angeles. SCPC provides services to 12 development sites located along the Vernon-Central Avenue corridor in South Los Angeles in the zip code areas of 90011 and 90044.

The Central Avenue Youth Empowerment Counil (CAYEC) is a component project of South Central Prevention Coalition (SCPC) and began June 2000 as a direct response to our teen-age youths' overexposure to violence, alcohol and other drugs, educational apathy, high rates of unemployment, teen pregnancy and HIV infection.

The specific goals of CAYEC include:

* Provide positive image guidance and mentoring
* Provide supplemental and alternative recreation activities
* provide educational enhancement assistance
* Provide leadership training workshops and alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention workshops and seminars

The mission of Girls Talk 2000( GT2) is to provide a stable, safe and nurturing environment for young women that prepares and empowers them to take full control of their lives.

Project Approach

The GT2 is designed to develop the skills of young women to serve as role models and to support other young women in their community. GT2 is three-fold: 1) to develop the skills of young women to assist in delivering program services in their community; 2) to provide meaningful employment to women and empower them to influence and advocate for their peers; 3) to assist young women in making the transition to adulthood by linking them to community resources and other support services.GT2 target population is women between the ages of 13-18 who are reside in low-income apartment complexes along the Central Avenue Corridor.